What is Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia refers to pain or discomfort involving the vulva (the genital area between the legs and outside of the vagina). Women complain of uncomfortable sensations such as burning, stinging, irritation, stabbing, or rawness. These symptoms may be due to vulvodynia when no other obvious causes (e.g., skin conditions, infections, or diseases) can be found.

Approximately 16% of women experience this type of vulvar discomfort and or vulvar pain at some time in their life.

Women who suffer from vulvodynia may find that the discomfort interferes with daily living activities (wearing clothes, sitting, or walking) and or sexual activities. Because sex hurts, many women avoid sexual intimacy and this may have a significant negative impact on their emotional well being and their personal relationships.

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Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program

Mission: Empowering Women, Restoring Health

Description & Purpose:  The MVP improves the quality of life for women living with vulvodynia through patient-centred care, education and research. The MVP fosters a culture of openness, awareness, and exploration of various approaches that have been shown to be effective in addressing vulvar pain, all within a respectful and compassionate environment. The ultimate goal is for women to feel empowered to advocate for themselves to make individualized and effective treatment choices.

Values: Empowerment; Respect; Empathy; Evidence-based care

Vision: Improving awareness of and access to evidence-based care for those affected by vulvodynia. This involves educating healthcare providers to take a holistic approach that recognizes that it’s not just about the pain; it’s about the woman in pain.

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