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Try Simple Things to Relieve the Discomfort

There are some simple things that can relieve vulvar discomfort.

  • If the discomfort with sexual intercourse is mild try applying a freezing gel (xylocaine 2%) to the vestibule 5 minutes prior to intercourse.
  • Always apply a water based sexual lubricant before and as needed during intercourse.
  • After intercourse, sit on the toilet and pour cool water over the vulva. Some women find applying a cold ice pack or gel pack to the vulva for 5 minutes helps.
  • Do not scratch the vulvar skin. If the itch is bothersome try rinsing. Try applying an ice pack or a moisturizer (eg. Clinaderm) or barrier cream (eg. Vaseline ointment).
  • If it hurts when urinating, try rinsing during or after urination. If you cannot urinate because it is too painful, sit in a bath and then try urinating – the bath water will dilute the acidic urine and make it more comfortable.

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