Patient Education

Patient Education

Patient education is very important at this stage. Patients need reliable and understandable information about this condition from their physicians. They should be directed to patient information sources (journal articles, books, websites, and patient associations) and encouraged to learn more about this condition and participate in planning their recovery. This website includes many recommended resources for patients under the “Patient information” section.

Web sites we recommend for patients:

Books we recommend for patients:

  • When Sex Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Banishing Sexual Pain (2011). A. Goldstein, C. Pukall & I. Goldstein. ISBN-10: 0738213985
  • Healing Painful Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing and Treating Sexual Pain (2011). D. Coady & N. Fish. ISBN-10: 1580053637
  • The V Book: A Doctor’s Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health (2002). E. Gunther Stewart & P. Spencer. ISBN-10:0553381148
  • The Vulvodynia Survival Guide: How to overcome Painful Vaginal Symptoms and Enjoy an Active Lifestyle (2002). H. I. Glazer & G. Rodke. ISBN-10:1572242914
  • A Women’s Guide to Overcoming Sexual Fear and Pain (1997). A. Jones Goodwin & M. E. Agronin: ISBN-10: 157224089X, ISBN-13: 978-1572240896

Patients should be encouraged to shift their focus from “finding out what is causing their problem” to managing their symptoms. Understandably patients feel very frustrated and hopeless at this stage. A review of their past treatments will often reveal a long list of ineffective therapies such as topical antiyeast, antibacterial, steroid and hormonal creams. Patients should be encouraged to try therapies that have been found to be effective for patients with vulvodynia.

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