Surgical Interventions


Surgical Interventions

Studies have found that in some women with vestibulodynia, removing the skin around the entrance to the vagina can result in a decrease in pain. The procedure is called a vestibulectomy and is performed by a gynaecologist to treat vestibulodynia.

The women who are most likely to benefit from surgery are:

  • less than 50 years old,
  • have secondary vestibulodynia
  • have only provoked vulvar pain

Women who may NOT be appropriate surgical candidates include:

  • <18 years old or >50 years old
  • have unprovoked vulvar pain & significant daily vulvar pain(example, daily vulvar burning)
  • have other types of pelvic pain (eg. Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis)
  • have significant sexual concerns
  • have primary vaginismus

Patients are sent home the same day of the procedure. Patients are usually able to return to normal daily living activities within 2 weeks. Patients are advised to wait for 6 weeks before attempting to put anything in the vagina. Patients often use vaginal inserts before attempting to have sexual intercourse or penetration. After the surgery some women complain of dryness at the entrance to the vagina.

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