Frequently Asked Questions about the MVProgram

  • I think I may have vulvodynia and I’ve been looking for help for a while. How do I make an appointment for the Multidisciplinary Vulvodynia Program?

    If you suspect that you might have Vulvodynia then you can make an appointment with your doctor for an examination. Your family physician or gynaecologist can fax a completed referral form to 604-875-5807. A detailed history, physical exam and any consultation reports are helpful.

  • Who is the MVProgram for?

    The program was developed to help women who have sexual pain due to provoked vestibulodynia. Typically, these are women who only have pain with sexual intercourse; they do not have daily vulvar and/or vaginal discomfort or any other significant pain condition. Our physicians do not provide obstetrical care or address other chronic pain conditions. Please note that the initial assessment appointment will be offered to women who are committed to attend all MVP sessions. The appointment for assessment does not guarantee enrollment in the MVP. Only those who are considered to benefit from the program will be accepted.

  • What should I bring with me to my initial appointment? How important are previous medical records or past tests?

    Our review of your past medical records or past tests (that relate to your symptoms) can be an essential component to your overall evaluation. Usually these records have been faxed or mailed to our office by your referring physician. Alternatively, you may bring a copy for the physician to your initial appointment.

  • How can I get the most out of my assessment appointment?

    Please, be on time. For most appointments, you should expect to be with our physicians approximately 1 hour; however prior to your scheduled appointment you are required to fill out a questionnaire. Make a list of questions for the physician and bring that to the appointment. Fill out the questionnaire thoroughly. This will enable your physician to make the most out of their time with you. Provide a list of all medications you have used and prepare a timeline of their use.

  • Can I get a letter from the program for my work place?

    Yes, we can provide you with a letter for your work place.

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