Program Details

Program Details

The MVP is focused on women who experience a particular type of vulvodynia known as Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD), or in other words, pain only when the vulvar vestibule is touched.

Women who participate in our program commit to a 4-month course of therapy. The components of the program are:


Medical appointments:

All patients are interviewed and examined by a physician in an initial assessment appointment prior to enrollment. At the initial appointment the physician and the patient will discuss if the program is appropriate for the patient and if the patient is appropriate for the program.

If enrolled in the MVP, patients will meet with the physician to discuss individual treatment planning and then to set up a plan for ongoing care after discharge from the program.

Seminar 1:

In this “Orientation” seminar we will review vestibular sensitivity and what we know about vestibulodynia and explain the different treatments that are available. Learning more about this pain condition will decrease the fear, anxiety and panic that often are associated with genital pain.

Program Details

Group Psychoeducational Skills Training Sessions:

These 3 sessions will help women find ways to cope with their pain and further improve their sexual health. Click here to see what to expect in Group Psychoeducational Skills Training.

Seminar 2:

In this Sexual Health seminar we will review how pain can interfere with a woman’s sexual feelings, responses and relationship. We will also discuss strategies to begin to return to sexual health.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Sessions:

Three appointments with a pelvic floor physiotherapist will help women become aware of the role of their pelvic floor muscles in contributing to their pain. Click here to see what to expect in Physiotherapy.

Seminar 3:

In this optional Partner Education seminar, partners of women enrolled in the MVProgram are invited to come by themselves to learn more about vestibulodynia, the different treatments, how pain can interfere with a woman’s sexual feelings, responses & relationships and how partners can provide the best support  to the MVP participant. Partners attend this seminar solo.



Watch our online Education Forum for an overview of the information discussed in these sessions.

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