Referrals to the Program

Referrals to the Program

The MVProgram is only offered to women who are suffering from provoked vestibulodynia – introital pain associated with touch only. Typically, these are women who only have pain with sexual intercourse, they do not have daily vulvar and or vaginal discomfort or any other significant pain condition, and the physical examination is “normal” other than the ability to reproduce the pain when palpating the vestibule.

Referrals to the MVP are for an assessment only. Please understand that a referral does not guarantee that treatment will be provided.

How to refer a patient for an assessment for the MVP
Completed referral forms can be faxed to 604-875-5807
Referral forms() should be filled out completely and any available consultation letters attached.

Referral Process
Once a completed referral form has been received by our office, it is reviewed to ensure that the patient meet our basic criteria- a diagnosis of provoked vestibulodynia.
If the referral is accepted, the referring doctor’s office is notified, and directed to have the patient call the MVP for an assessment appointment.

Wait Times
Wait times for MVProgram assessment appointments can vary, but average 5-6 months from time the referral is received.
Once accepted into the MVProgram, there is usually an additional wait for the next cohort to begin- this wait can be anywhere from a week or two up to 3 months, depending on timing for the cohorts and available space

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